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The school's philosophy has its root in universal values. It is aimed to make children competent enough to accomplish individual success for themselves and committed to fulfill societal expectations.

Our approach to education is student- centered and we encourage participative learning. Our priority is to afford support ,guide and provide the best of faculties. We aim to strike an ideal balance in curriculum, between knowledge acquisition & its application to the immediate environment we believe in linking learning to life.

Vision & Mission

"Our vision is to educate the heart and mind of the pupils and make them successful learners to face the world boldly with justice, Equality, Liberty and Fraternity". Kamarajar Public school will provide a safe supportive learning environment with opportunities for each student to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude to become a responsible, concerned and committed citizen.

Our Mission is to be in a prominent position in educating the students in their formative period. Our purpose is to ensure and to educate the true faith, firm values and high ideals to the student community, respecting their religious sentiments and freedom of con-science. The students should be molded to face the challenges of the modern world in the best possible way without ruining their character. Academic achievement should always be in the forefront of all activities of the students.

Chairman's Message

Every child is to be treated as a remarkable phenomenon of human mind and consciousness, a mind capable of thinking and feeling. Therefore, admitting a child to "KAMARAJAR PUBLIC SCHOOL" does not mean counting another head and regimenting the child into a band of alike but doing everything, that includes how the child is received, Welcomed, Cared of Motivated, Supported, Trained, Encouraged, Educated and Prepared for Meeting the Challenges of life and much more.

House Division

To kindle the team spirit and to enhance their skills and talents,the whole student community is divided into four Houses. All the academic activities, Co-Cirricular activities, Assembly activities and Sports activities will be conducted housewise and awared with points. At the end of the academic year the Overall Championship will be awarded for the winning House.

Each House is headed by a House Master/ Houses Mistress who is directly responsible for the discipline and general well being of the members of the House. The School Pupil Leader(SPL) and the Assistant School Pupil Leaders (ASPL) serve as a link between the school authorities and the student community. The House Captains and the Vice Captains serve as a link between the House Master/Mistress as the members of the House.

Kinder Garten

For the Kinder Garten classes, apart from the regular classrooms there are theme based activity rooms, which will form a part of Everyday learning process, Computers, Multimedia Tools, Music, Art and Theatre which will offer a fun filled and joyous introduction to the international system of Education.

"A home away from Home"