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An air conditioned multimedia theatre makes the subject knowledge more concrete.Vast collection of Encyclopedias, compact Drives atre lodged in our well equipped digital library with an easy access to the students.Audio-Visuals aids and use of innovative methodology to facilitate the subjects easily.


Resource rooms are establisahed for the learning through experiments on the field of mathematics.Activities on language development, communication and soft skill are promoted scientifically.

Highly modern and fully equipped Science Labs and computer labs with internet facilities to enhance the overall personality through motivation reinforcement.

"Learning through Experiments"

Digital Smart classess

Digital learning permeates most elements of student’s life and education.The interactive technologies can enrich learning and enhance teaching. The purpose of e-learning offers new opportunities and resources to increase student’s participation and interaction.

It brings abtract and difficult curriculum easy to understand. Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students. Improves academic performance of students. Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class.

"More than teaching …… Learning through Visualising"


We believe that library is a treasure house of knowledge that has shelves full of wisdom with extensive collection of Books,Texts amd references to satiate the knowledge thirst of the students. We have a well stacked library with more than 5000 books and good number of journals and periodicals are subscribed for the benefit of the students and the staff.

Arts & Craft

Arts and craft creates the creative thinking in the minds of the students.Creative corner is allotted in our school to inculcate the innovative ideas and to showcase their inner talents. Thus ensures the child to grow into a confident, capable and multi-talented individual. Competitions are conducted regularly to strive for greater quality by enhancing their creative skills further.


Physical education is an integral component in student’s life.The interdependence of mind and body is aptly recognized.Major sports of our school includes Volley ball,Basketball,Tennis,Kho-Kho etc. Many indoor games are taught to pave the way for the Co-ordination of leadership qualities and competitive spirit.

We have well equipped Basketball court,Football court,Kabaddi & Kho-Kho ground,Tennis court,Cricket ground,Volleyball ground and and a statew of art multi Gymnasium, Badminton court,Table tennis etc

"Make your dreams come true"


To cater the needs of students the school provides safe and secure transport facilities at reasonable fares. We have extensive buses and vans that commute between school and various pickup points in and around Thedavoor and Veeraganoor.Extra personnel are deployed to ensure the student’s safety.